I learned how important a letter can be, and the J.C.s would love to hear from you.

Most frequently asked questions and answers.

You may pre-order  copies of Finding Moon Rabbit at the link above.  Our official debut is July 1, which means copies may be purchased through our publisher, CHBBooks, your local bookstore, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon.

The J.C.s really appreciate your interest. Would you like your local school or library to have a copy?

Finding Moon Rabbit’s official launch is July 1, to coincide with the annual Heart Mountain Pilgrimage on July 29-30th.  

The J.C.s will be at the Pilgrimage in Wyoming.  If you’d like more information about the Pilgrimage go to HeartMountain.org/Pilgrimage.

Yes. The J.C.s love questions. You can ask away through the social media outlets mentioned, or email us at FindingMoonRabbit at gmail.com.

We hope not! It’s the reason the J.C.s wrote this story. To inform everyone of what had happened so that it won’t happen to any one else’s  family ever again.

Raise your voices whenever and wherever you see injustice or intolerance so that violence against any one person or group of people won’t grow. 

Most rules are meant to keep us safe. But when rules put people in harm’s way, like it did in Koko’s story, don’t be afraid to speak up.